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osTicketStatus was written to automate the maintenance modes of osTicket by means of the systems task scheduler.

Notice: This is a console application, if an error occurs, the error will only be displayed for 30 seconds before the application automatically closes. This keeps multiple instances from running on the server at the same time.

Prerequisites: .net framework 4.0 and MySql.Data.dll (tested with MySql.Data.dll version 6.9.6)
(you may need to place MySql.Data.dll in the same folder as osTicketStatus.exe)

Tested on Windows Server 2008R2 64-bit and osTicket v1.9.12

Run osTicketStatus help to display setup and operational commands

osTicketStatus is free of charge and is free of support (in other words we don't supply any!)
Downloading osTicketStatus from this site you acknowledge you have read and accept the terms of our license/disclaimer.

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